Top 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for your Blog

Top 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for your Blog

Top 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for your Blog

Here are top 5 best Google Adsense alternatives for you. If you don’t get Adsense approvals for your blog don’t worry. You can use these Adsense top 5 best alternatives to earn. You can earn huge amount using the ad networks. That’s true that Google Adsense is the best ad network for blog. These networks will not pay you bigger amount of money. But you can use it to earn a profitable amount from here. So coming back towards topic the list of top 5 best alternatives is below.

If you created your website a few months ago I will suggest you Basically is a product sponsored by Yahoo and Bing. You will get ads according to your content. support targeted text and display ads. Through you can earn a huge amount.

Ad Type: Targeted Text & Display

Min Payout: $100 (PayPal/Wire)



Infolinks is big network having over 20,000 publishers use it to earn money. Infolinks use an amazing technology. Infolinks support is mind blowing whenever I contacted they replied me. With this Google Adsense alternative you can earn an amazing amount.


Ad Type: In Text, In Search & In Tag

Min Payout: $50 (PayPal, Wire, WU, eCheck)




It is a CPA based advertising network which will give you around $30 in eCPM. This will help you to make money through your blog. Registering an account on it is very easy it takes hardly 5 minute. Revenuehits come with lots of features and an impressive Dashboard. You can see reports daily and ads placements.

Ad Type: Display Ads, Pop Ups and Apps

Min Payout: $20 (PayPal, Payoneer)




Bidvertiser is a great network for bloggers. Trust me Bidvertiser will be a great Google Adsense alternative. Bidvertiser show ads according to the interest of the visitors. It provides advertisers to bid on your website for ads. Usually you will not earn a huge amount from. Than have to wait for a higher bidder. Bidvertiser provides you to slider, text and display ads.


Ad Type: Display Ads, Text ads and Slider.

Min Payout: $15 (PayPal, Payza)




If you don’t get Google Adsense approval then this could be great Google Adsense alternative. Getting Buysellads approval is tougher than Google Adsense. If you have a huge amount of traffic on your blog you should go for it. This will be going a great Google Adsense alternative for you. This network will provide you banner ads.

Ad Type: Banner Ads

Min Payout: $20 (PayPal) 150$ (Check)




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