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Vikings Stitched JerseysThe dream game is also a sandwich, and a change of ingredients is a new flavor.Video games are sometimes like cooking -- the mixing, mixing, cooking, and cooking of different ingredients to create a unique cuisine.For the same piece of beef, you can make a radish brisket or a black pepper steak.Because of this, no matter eat or play, are unique.Although burgers look similar to burgers, the same is true of steaks and games.Viking: the Wolf of man is just such a game. At first glance, it looks like another big pineapple game, but after 10 hours or so of experience, it can be said that it has a lot of features from different games and is a combination of dishes that can be served.Of course, it's more like a roast beef sandwich than a slow roast steak.By the way, the game has a different translation name on the console and PC. The PS4 in Hong Kong is called "Viking: the Wolf of midgard". For the convenience of Steam's more popular domestic players, we will call it "like the Wolf" (laughter).I once read a foreign media article titled "after 20 years of release, all games look like big pineapples".That said, "like a Wolf" is not a stunning movie in its genre.After all, they didn't charge $60 for aaa, so they couldn't ask for that much.But the picture of the standard, but does not mean there will be shrinkage.The graphics are acceptable, at least in the game, the snow and snow in the north are strong, and the environment in caves and enemy villages looks pretty good, not like the "hot eyes" of some games.This is all within the "acceptable" range for the Unity engine.Another condiment is a different flavor. While many people might casually say something like "copying a big pineapple" -- and in a way it does -- it just goes to show how popular these brush-off elements are.From big pineapples to blockades, from lordless lands to king of the gods, these games are all "look like big pineapples" as mentioned earlier, but each one gives you a different experience and taste."Like the Wolf" is an attempt to add more DND elements, and some aspects have a little bit of soul.Games, for example, the first task in the "copy", is in the cold of snow mountain valley, long time exposure in the wind and snow will make you freeze, gradually intensified and wounded, after reach a certain degree and loss of life value, the player can choose to have exposed resistance of the equipment, or just looking for the goblin camp nearby the fire to warm the body.The element of damage in this scenario makes dealing with combat a bit more of a concern.In addition, the book does have a lot of fun with the interaction of the scenes, such as the snow scene, where the movement speed of the characters drops significantly as you enter the area where the snow is buried to the waist.So this uncertainty and subtle impact of the terrain poses a challenge to your combat and tactical choices.Instead of swiping a bottle or nibbling a blood cell, the blood bottle has become a healing totem that can be used several times and recharged repeatedly.You can use combat to gain a better totem to improve healing or recharge times.As for the taste of the soul series, mainly reflected in the Boss battle and the wild big body monster.Apart from the fact that the Boss's attack patterns and moves are fixed, they're not that easy to handle, and the giant stick of the wild is more likely to turn you into flesh and blood.In "like a Wolf," it's hard to rely on a good outfit to build a pile monster, because you're just an ordinary Viking facing all kinds of monsters and warriors.Then you have to master one of the most important moves in this kind of action role-playing game -- the sharkey roll. (laughter)Of course to pay attention to the trough, otherwise tired to breathe not to mention the road, the axe will not be able to take.With a sword or with an axe, this is the power of faith there are no specific class restrictions in Viking: the Wolf of the man, but instead rely on different gods for different fighting abilities.The weapons and skills and talents used under different faiths are completely different, although it is nothing more than paladins, battle, archers, mages and the like, but as long as you can brush, you can have multiple faiths and acquire the abilities of different factions to support each other.By believing in Loki, for example, you can master the art of dual combat.Belief in Odin gives you rune and magical powers.While many skills have weapon requirements, some passive skills are common.In addition, the upgrade mode of the game is also very interesting. Instead of upgrading after enough experience, the game requires killing the enemy to obtain "sacrificial blood" -- the Viking tradition is to sacrifice the enemy's blood to the gods. Only after enough blood can the character upgrade and gain talent points.Also up for upgrade are blacksmiths (weapon forging), castors (armor forging), and poets (ornament making).All kinds of weapons and different types of armor in the game are more distinctive, try your best to play your equipment combination, far better than just pile up high defense.The barbarian in your eyes may be the hero in the eyes of others although the game has many interesting features, when it comes to serious combat, it can be a bit of a hassle.The main thing is that the movement is a little bit stiff and the strike is a little bit weak. Whether you're holding a giant axe or a double sword, you feel like you're going to attack the same way...I wonder if this is due to the limitations of the Unity engine.But one of the nice things about the game is that when you use a crit to kill an enemy, the game goes into a slow-motion close-up, watching the monster fall to pieces, a feast for your heart's desire to be a powerful warrior.And to please your god, you have to give more blood.On the other hand, the character looks a bit stupid when running with a weapon, and his movements are stiff.But in the harsh north, in the cold, in the elves, in the giants, it's hard to care too much.The problem with this, of course, is that you feel like the overall pace of the game has been slowed down a bit, and while the fighting is fun, the overall game doesn't seem to be as crisp as this kind of mowing game, or as high as the soul series.What you need to do more is to judge the circumstances and the timing.Maybe this is also a different kind of bar, maybe just not for you, but there will always be something to attract you.In the real world, you get all the things you'd expect from a "big pineapple" game, and those clever variations make like a Wolf feel more like a sandwich with a slightly deeper and different flavor.It's not revolutionary or innovative, but it does taste different from fast food restaurants.With the same brush and pick up gear, the mechanics and experience of like Wolf are fluid and innovative (not creative).And if you've ever played the console version of diablo iii, which is more or less the gamepade-ready type, you can jump right into that coveted treasure hunt.Only this time, you're exploring areas that appear in Norse mythology like midgal, nevheim and utgarde.The main flow of the game is about 20 hours can be done, but a variety of side quests, challenges, such as the existence of repeated playability is still some.Environmental destruction brings not only visual pleasure, but also useful productive resources.Every god of faith has ten challenges (equivalent to career tasks), and you may find them far more exciting than you expected.If you're not excited enough, there are four levels of difficulty to choose from, and there's even a "die and you're all gone" lingdian mode.Dare you try the one-life experience?But life does not have the opportunity to read files and continue to close oh!Wolf is a game you can play alone, but it's even more fun if you have a few friends who want to play with you.After all, wolves are fierce when they are alone, but they do their terrible work in packs.While the game doesn't support local multiplayer games (one of the features of the diablo 3 console is the ability to collaborate with multiple players on the screen), it's also great to start your voice software and hunt together in the age of the Internet.The game also has some custom pinch elements, so don't worry too much about not being able to tell who is who.In fact, the game is when you go into it, you will find that many problems are not problems.Especially the game music and environment are very strong sense of substitution, you can easily burn dozens of hours in the game.The music of the game is also worth mentioning, although I don't know if there is a concept of music in the Viking culture, but the music in this book is worth listening to in terms of context.The bottom line is, "like a Wolf" certainly won't be the "big pineapple killer," but it has learned a lot from this predecessor and incorporated it.The game has a lot of potential, but there's a lot to be improved on, and maybe future DLC and expansion films will bring us some changes and make the game more exciting.For fans of ARPG and Norse mythology, such as Wolf is a game worth playing.This article was uploaded and published by the author of baijia, which only provides information release platform.This article only represents the author's personal views and does not represent baidu's position.Shall not be reproduced without the permission of the author.Guide dream game introduction: net the most fun game

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